Arts provide children with an opportunity to communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Different forms of art are an effective and powerful medium for self-exploration and self-expression. We strongly believe that various art forms are essential for a complete development of any individual. It is through art that we can develop the quality of head and heart as well as manual skills. A great deal of emphasis is being given to the art-forms at Anghaila. We do not consider art to be extracurricular or co-curricular but an integral core of our curriculum. “Art education may be perceived as a tool for development of aesthetic sensibility among learners to enable them to respond to the beauty in color, shape, form, movement, and sound. Art education and appreciation of one’s cultural heritage may go side by side and reinforce the understanding of each other” (NCF 2005).

Social science education at school level increases the child’s sensitivity to diverse cultures, communities, and interest-groups. We at Anghaila facilitate this process in the child. The basic ideas of history enable the child

to appreciate the evolution of civilization and culture across the tide of times. It develops a healthy perspective of observing and understanding the perennial aspects of human nature against the background of changing times. The way we teach civics prepares the child to grow up into a mature and responsible adult knowing his rights and responsibilities as a citizen. Geography makes him realize the diversity that exists in lifestyles owing to differences in climate and topography. The beauty of mankind’s journey through space and time continues to be the unifying theme throughout the process oflearning.


The focus of teaching of mathematics is not merely to develop numerical ability and mathematical reasoning, but to help learners to apply them to the reality they live in. In a typical conventional set up mathematics is taught to follow a set of rules and application of formulae mindlessly to arrive at the right answer rather than developing understanding of the concept and appreciation of beauty of mathematics. Learners at Green School will have tl, opportunity to construct their understanding by developing their own methods before they are acquainted with the typical standard algorithm for solving mathematical problems.

Based on recent research in the field of Cognitive Sciences, it has been clearly established that human beings are genetically programmed to learn and decipher meanings and to be inquisitive and curious about the world around. The mind’s natural capacity to observe, learn, decipher and respond to the wonderful patterns
and forms of nature is unique. At Anghaila, special thrust is being given to work on this latent curiosity; so that it is nurtured and nourished further such that a child’s mind is always on the look out to observe the environment around, appreciate nature’s beauty, establish the patterns and inter-relationships, develop tools and forms to study them and build conceptual models to develop a comprehensive understanding of the physical world and its relationship with society. 

We at Anghaila believe that to understand and appreciate the beauty of science one is to be endowed with skills of developing good observation skills. There is no better place than the laboratory of nature, namely earth, to develop and practice such skills. Anghaila, owing to its location has natural scenic beauty in abundance.

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