Who We Are?

Our model of school education addresses the needs of building up on every aspect of a child’s personality which focuses on physical fitness, mental and emotional maturity but more importantly a good human being. Our team has evolved a unique approach to personality development that gets reflected in all our learning programs and the lifestyle that we promote.

Physical chores of washing, gardening, cooking, taking care of oneself and surroundings are encouraged. All traditions of learning are iterations performed by the human cognitive process in the realm of nature which is the fundamental reality. Fulfillment in education depends on how well we take care of each iterative learning loop which starts in nature and ends in it. Appreciation of nature therefore forms the bedrock of our success as a learning organization.

The child in our organization regularly participates in community extension program in the adjoining villages. In addition the campus promotes trekking and expeditions. Exploration is one of the keys to induce curiosity which should be the foundation of all learning. Help of professional psychologists and the attainment of emotional maturity is a part of our personality building.

Music, poetry, literature, dance, & art are there in our curriculum. Also included in this module are comparative religion and classics from around the world. Our approach to inculcate sensitivity to nature, and manmaking in education brings us The values of The Green School resonate with the five elements or “Panchbhutas”, which are the building blocks of the universe. Devoid of idealistic concepts skillful means are adopted to manage our day to day life and thus form the foundation of our identity and destiny. Sachetanata (Mindfulness): To experience spiritual, emotional and intellectual oneness with nature, work and relationships. Mindfulness involves a conscious direction of our awareness. Being mindful of our mental state brings us into the area of self-observation. naturally to the third pillar of our educational philosophy, namely the society. Man is a social being.

Special care is taken to inculcate respect and interest towards social groups, issues related to gender, political and legal aspects, civics and ethics. Promoting entrepreneurial traits also take place. The members of our challenging endeavor are drawn from different walks of life across the globe. 

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