Admission Procedure

The Green School is a cooperative and collaborative learning community and sees parents and children as an active part of that learning process. Therefore, during our admission process we clearly communicate to all prospective children and parents why the school operates in the way it does. We hope that interested parents choose our school because they value this approach to education.

Parents and children are encouraged to visit the school and spend time observing the classroom and speak with our teachers about our educational philosophy and approaches. Parents are encouraged to question us and share their views. To fix up a convenient time, please contact us by phone or email. Visitors may stay the whole day to observe the processes at school, but we will be free to talk only at the specified time, if we are informed in advance, visitors are also welcome to join us for lunch.

When parents are clear that what we offer is something they value, please request for a registration form. An interview with parents and an assessment of the child completes the process of exploration. After the discussions, you will hear from the school whether admission has been granted and the date of joining.

Welcome to the seamless journey into the heart of the Manava Bharati Anghaila Hills campus! Submit the completed form and necessary documents to the school. For aspiring students, the school conducts entrance examinations, the details of which are communicated promptly. Exemptions are available for students with a proven academic record in their previous school. Academic Scholarship: In our commitment to fostering education, the Manava Bharati offers scholarships/bursaries to deserving students on a need cum merit basis. Interested parents can apply by writing confidentially to the Principal, accompanied by evidence of merit/need. Overseas applicants are assessed based on the child’s prior academic performance. Parents must submit duly attested evidence, including academic records, current mark sheets, and a teacher’s letter of recommendation. Upon meeting the stringent admission criteria, the admissions committee will extend an offer. Foreign nationals granted admission need to contact their local Indian Embassy/Consulate with the admission letter to obtain a student visa, a mandatory requirement for studying in India.

Upon completion of the above steps, parents will receive an admission offer, and the applicable fees can be paid to confirm admission. Detailed information on school fees is available on our website.

Before the commencement of the new academic session, a parent orientation program will acquaint parents with the Vision, Mission, and ethos of the school.

As you embark on your educational journey with Manava Bharati Anghaila Hills Campus, where excellence meets opportunity, remember—the sky is the limit!”

Eligibility Criteria

As per the State Education Department, the age at the time of admission should ordinarily align with the following:

Class IV 9 Years
Class V 10 Years
Class VI 11 Years
Class VII 12 Years
Class VIII 12 Years

Documents Required at the Time of Registration

  • Copy of the ‘Birth Certificate’
  • Copy of the ‘Report Card’ of the previous year

List of Documents Required at the Time of Admission

  • Evidence of having graduated from the previous class
  • Photographs/Copy of Adhaar of the student
  • Photographs/copy of Adhaar Card of Parents
  • Original TC from the previous school
  • Proof of residence
  • Original Certificates for verification
  • Photocopies of achievement certificates in Academics, Sports, and Extra-Curricular activities
  • Photocopy of Passport (mandatory for overseas students)
  • Completed and duly signed Admission documentation booklet by both parents.
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