Academic Calendar

Term I:      –   April 6th-June 30th
Term II:    –  September 21-December 20th
Term III:      –   January 6th – March 31st


Winter Vacation:        –   December 21 – January 5th.
Mid term Vacation:     –   April 1st – April 5th
Monsoon Vacation:   –   July 1st – September 20th

School Clothing

In harmony with its philosophy, Anghaila has chosen not to promote a uniform clothing policy. Students are to come to school in simple, comfortable and respectable clothing of their choice. A flexible, individual choice of clothing allows children to express themselves as individuals, with the onus of responsibility on them to select dressing that is appropriate to their lifestyle in school. Parents are encouraged to dialogue with their children about the benefits of clothing choice. Please also discuss the benefits of clothing styles in terms of comfort levels (in the context of weather conditions), durability and cost. We believe that freedom of clothing choice with a growing awareness about practical elements such as comfort, colour, cost etc. will enable young children to appreciate an evolving degree of responsibility within themselves.

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