Fee Structure

In keeping with the vision of our institution we have evolved a sustainable, need-based, and self-sufficient plan of financing our learning initiative. We have also worked out ways of recycling wastes and conservation to support the Anghaila community. The financial inputs for procurements from outside are to be met from the proceeds of school fees.
We stress on the fact that Anghaila is a completely non- commercial endeavor; hence fee will never be a hindrance for meritorious and needy students. Efforts are being made to generate funds and build a corpus so that it can help sustain the need to accommodate students from the families who feel aligned to Anghelia vision but are unable to admit their children due to financial constraints. Should other parents feel the need to contribute more, they can do so by making contributions to the corpus or by way of sponsoring a child.

(For Fee details and queries please contact our administration office)

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