Boarding Houses

The Hostel is a place where they can rest, research, sleep or just hang out. It’s a social space for them, a place for building interactions.

At The Anghaila Hills we have separate hostels for boys and girls. House parents are always accessible to provide guidance to students.

The companionship here is real, and the buddies made in the hostel will be some of the best in their life a student will ever have.

Generally there are 4 to 8 students in each dorm. Hostel has modern washrooms (toilet and bathing cells). Cleanliness is maintained by the Sahayikas on duty.


Hostel comprises of a study hall where students study at night. Monitoring students in smaller groups and the personal care of each student is practiced with commitment and affection. Students have free time on weekends to watch T.V., listen to music, read books and magazines in the Common room of their respective hostels.

Each hostel provides an amiable atmosphere and pollution free environment, conducive to the mental, physical and spiritual development of the students and help them to become self-reliant. The House parents look after the emotional needs of the students. She is a mentor and a guide steering the students towards character formation. The House parents provides motherly care and affection and look after the basic needs of the children.

The Dean of Pastoral Care is involved with all facets of a student’s life. She is a disciplinary authority and a considerate counsel. She motivates and inspires the students to better themselves in all aspects of school life. The Management has taken various measures for modernizing the infrastructure. There is an active Pest Control System to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the Campus.

Hostel Facility

Health & Medical Facilities

The medical facilities here at Anghaila Hills are well equipped. It has separate in-patient facility for male and female students.

24×7 WI-FI

To ensure that the students are always connected to the outside world, students are provided Wi-Fi and high speed internet facilities in all the hostels.

Safety & Security

To ensure safety and security of the students, had deployed Security Guards around the clock in the hostels which is further beefed up with CCTV Cameras in all the hostels.

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