A learning community, which provides an open and harmonious environment, amidst nature, to help a child achieve its absolute potential and discover sustainable ways of living to serve mankind. Shared are everlasting beliefs and our values on which the edifice of The Green School is being built.


The values of The Green School resonate with the five elements or “Panchbhutas”, which are the building blocks of the universe. Devoid of idealistic concepts skillful means are adopted to manage our day to day life and thus form the foundation of our identity and destiny.

  • Sachetanata (Mindfulness): To experience spiritual, emotional and intellectual oneness with nature, work and relationships. Mindfulness involves a conscious direction of our awareness. Being mindful of our mental state brings us into the area of self-observation. naturally to the third pillar of our educational philosophy, namely the society. Man is a social being. Special care is taken to inculcate respect and interest towards social groups, issues related to gender, political and legal aspects, civics and ethics. Promoting entrepreneurial traits also take place. The members of our challenging endeavor are drawn from different walks of life across the globe. We have come together to serve the cause of this society to provide a meaningful education in the process of shaping of leaders for the future. Each member of our group has earmarked a definite role for us.
  • Shraddha (Respect): To have unconditional respect for nature and all its manifestations in various forms through a responsible behavior and action.
  • Paricharya (Service): To serve mankind and nature with a deep sense of humility and commitment for self realization and growth. No understanding is complete unless transformed from thoughts to action. Thus the element of service ensures that learning is not restricted to merely to concepts but it also takes the shape of concrete action that only deepens one’s own understanding.
  • Nishtha (Trust): To trust the human goodness in the intentions of all such that it enables us to foster meaningful relationships while respecting diverse perspectives and ensuring a collaborative learning space and environment.
  • Unmuktata (Freedom): To celebrate life in all its forms with a sense of awe and wonder and a sense of joy while engaging in a process of learning and unlearning to be able to make a choice that is in harmony with the environment.
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