The Educational Framework

“Our learning philosophy is rooted in the timeless wisdom that ‘we learn when we do,’ a principle validated by both ancient teachings and contemporary research. Our approach centers on providing children with hands-on experiences, encouraging experimentation, model-making, field trips to historical and natural sites, bird and plant observations, discussions, and play.

The core elements of our dynamic curriculum encompass:

Language Arts

Beyond traditional reading and writing, language is viewed as a tool for expressing ideas, understanding the world, and connecting with others. We prioritize functional language skills, linking them seamlessly with instructional language in the curriculum. Storytelling, poetry, and real-life reading experiences are integrated to nurture language development while fostering environmental awareness.

Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts serve as a powerful avenue for children to communicate thoughts, ideas, and emotions. This inclusive category encompasses music, movement, visual arts, sculpting, crafts, dramatic arts, and play.

Scientific Inquiry

Recognizing curiosity as a fundamental human trait, our curriculum values the inquiry process. Children are encouraged to ask questions, explore, document, reflect, and record findings collaboratively with teachers. This inquiry-based approach promotes not only intellectual development but also social growth.

Mathematical Skills

We emphasize that learning mathematics enhances problem-solving abilities, encouraging children to dissect and solve problems progressively. Our focus is on enabling children to apply mathematical understanding to the real world, emphasizing representation and problem-solving aligned with rules and ideas.

Physical Awareness and Play

Physical activity and movement are integral to children’s growth, development, and learning. We promote regular physical activity to build and maintain physical health, enhance mental well-being, and foster communication and expression through movement.

Social Science

This subject plays a pivotal role in deepening children’s understanding of the world. It involves exploring identity, relationships, and the characteristics and experiences of diverse cultures and populations, both past and present.
Our educational philosophy strives to return to fundamental principles, creating an environment where children can explore and understand the world meaningfully. Classes are conducted in mixed-age group settings, fostering communication skills through free interactions, writing, and reading. Emphasis is placed on conceptual clarity over rote learning.”
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