We consider our parents to be our partners in our endeavor to propagate meaningful education for social change. We firmly believe that the
parents and teachers need to work in tandem for the successful accomplishment of the goals of the child’s cognitive, affective and spiritual development. Exchange of information and feedback are considered essential. We have evolved a mechanism of personal interaction with parents periodically and a continuous exchange of views through telecommunication and internet. This is important because the parents can contribute in setting right the weak points and building on the strong points of the child. Through this mechanism the educators and parents learn from each other’s insights about the child’s progress. Different parents have different aspirations and expectations from their child as it grows up. This helps us to maintain an individual record about these exchanges. This enables us to create a win-win situation and also to even out any three-way communication gap between us, the parents, and the child. Our perceptions and those of the child and the parents can thus evolve getting super-imposed over a period of time. Constant communication facilitated by a right attitudes and modern information and communication technology is absolutely essential for the success of our endeavour.

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