Chemistry Laboratories - Learning By Chasing Curiosity

Chemistry is a fascinating subject that helps us understand what the world around us is made of and how we fit into it.

At our school Manava Bharati India International School, learning chemistry is riveting through practical understanding. The focus is to explore scientific exploration while learning how to responsibly and vigilantly handle equipment and chemicals. There is attention given to learning the importance of carrying out one’s own experiments with care as to make the subject interesting without any unnecessary risks.

The Chemistry Laboratory provides a platform for students to take the subject from words on a page to an active part of their life. It nurtures scientific vigor and produces a generation of individuals well equipped for further research and development within the subject.

Fully Equipped Laboratory Our school’s chemistry lab has state-of-the-art apparatus:

  • Glassware used for measurement – Volumetric flask, Graduated cylinder, Pipet, buret.
  • Equipment often used in titration- Ring stand, buret clamp, Utility clamp
  • Miscellaneous- Funnel, Watch glass, Crucible Tongs, Glass stir bar, Magnetic stir bar
  • Durable and high quality Borosil glass beakers
  • Wickless alcohol lamps with stand
  • Test tubes and stands
  • Thermometer
  • Tubing Pinch Clamps
  • PH papers
  • Rubber stoppers
  • Distillation equipment and many other equipment
  • Well-maintained, good quality and safely stored stock of chemicals for conductingexperiments.
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Well-stocked First Aid kit

The Importance of Safety

The teachers and staff are well trained in all necessary safety procedures in case of an emergency in the laboratory. They are equipped with the knowledge in how to maintain a safe environment to eradicate any chances of mishaps by acting quickly and effectively.

Health and safety are a core part of the learning process and students are taught to protect themselves and their peers while they participate in conducting experiments. All equipment and chemicals in the labs undergo strict and periodic inspections to maintain the quality of materials and to avoid degradation.

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