CCTV and Security

Given the changing times, the challenges of safety and security of students and staff are of paramount importance in Manav Bharati School. SOP is framed with a regular check system to ensure that there are no lapses in following the norms.

Some of the highlights include:
  1. CCTV cameras are installed at all strategic places in the school for real-time monitoring and surveillance.
  2.  Security Guards are on duty 24×7 at the school gates.
  3. Student’s attendance is maintained in physical form as well updated on the school app as the students enter the school.
  4. Young children are always escorted by a lady attendant whenever they go to the washroom.
  5. The movement of students is regulated under the supervision of staff, both on arrival and at the time of departure.
  6. Staircases are constructed on both sides of the building to regulate the smooth movement of students.
  7. School follows building and fire safety norms as per the standards fixed by the Govt.
  8. Students are educated on fire safety and crisis management skills by trained Govt. officials.
  9. Mock drills on disaster and fire safety are conducted twice a year.
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